Easy Carpet Cleaning Solutions

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carpet-cleaning (2)Do you want to get your carpet cleaned well? Some carpet colors such as white, beige or light gray carpets allow very easy noticing of stains and dirt that develop on their surface. With time, your carpet is going to look grimy and messy. At this time, you most likely must find time to clean your carpet properly. If not, hiring a professional cleaner, such as Carpet Cleaning Perth, may be a viable solution. However, if you plan to do it yourself there are some solutions you can employ to handle the cleaning process.

Spot Treatment

If your carpet has accumulated stains, you will need to deal with them first before cleaning the entire carpet. For this purpose, you will need to use vinegar and baking soda to clear the dirt spots. While applying, you need to make sure that the when vinegar is applied to it, the baking soda gets moist and leave the mixture for about an hour to work on the spots. After waiting for an hour, use a scrubber and scrub the spots really hard to get the dirt out of your carpet.

Continue this process until you have all or most of the stains in the carpet removed. After completing this process, you can apply shampoo to your carpet to make it look cleaner, smell fresher and clear the dirt it has accumulated over time.

Carpet Shampoo

If you have a shampooer, then the only thing you require for the cleaning process to be complete is shampoo. There are ways you can prepare your own shampoo at home instead of buying one from the store. To make your own shampoo you are going to need:
– 4 cups of hot water
– 2 cups of fabric softener
– 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide
– 1 cup baking soda

Mix them, and there you will have a powerful cleaning agent that will leave your carpet clean and smelling wonderful. With this easy shampoo making recipe, there is no reason for you not to clean your carpet once every month.

Regular cleaning of your carpet will ensure you a dirt free carpet. Scheduling the cleaning with an expert cleaner, like Carpet Cleaning Adelaide, at least twice a year will guarantee your house is going to remain clean throughout. Apart from using shampoo and spot treatment processes to clean your carpet, you can also choose to vacuum clean your carpet, this is especially if you have pets at home. Particles such as fur from your pets and food droppings and other small particles which can be best removed by a vacuum cleaner. With this, therefore, you can get your carpet to look cleaner.

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