What Kind Of Solar Panel System Is Right For Your Home

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If you plan on being in your home for more than 10 years, an installation of a solar panel system is something that might save you money in the long run. home solar panelInstallation fees and equipment costs are rather considerable upfront, but you can recoup savings over the years in terms of free power, tax credits and rebates, and possibly even selling some power back into the grid. Solar Panels Melbourne is just one of the many trusted companies that offer some of the best solar deals in Melbourne without huge upfront cost aside from a 12 year product warranty.

Your home’s latitude, local climate and the compass direction of your roof largely determine your options. Very few homeowners are lucky enough to be able to just replace their roof with solar panels and then go electricity free completely. Still, there are various levels of solar success you can possibly attain.

Partially powering your home off of solar panels is the most likely compromise you can make. You’ll still need to be plugged into the grid for when there’s not enough sunlight. If you really want to stay green, you can always consider microhydroelectric generators if you have a creek, or possibly a small wind generator on your roof. Wind generators tend to complement solar well, since there’s often wind when there’s not sun, such as changes between day and night and also clouds moving through.

A smaller version of harnessing a solar panel system that is growing in popularity is not using solar power for electricity, but for heating. These installations are typically smaller-scale, are effective in more areas, and can be used to heat the water you use within the home. That saves you wasting electricity on hot water for showers and cleaning.

If for some reason you can’t afford to put in full solar panels due to location, cost or ownership of the property, you can still harness the power of the sun. Solar-powered yard and exterior lamps charge up all day and then shine through most of the night. They might go dark the last few predawn hours of the longest winter nights, but they’ll be there most of the year.

There are also small solar panel systems you can put just inside windows. Among the targeted applications for these are recharging mobile electronics and fans, possibly as an alternative to your full air conditioning, which uses a lot of electricity.

Never assume that you have to gut your roof to put in solar panels. You may have a large yard in which you can install panels across. Community ordinances might prevent this, and neighbors are sure to consider them an eyesore if you have anyone living close.

The other side to that is that you can use the complement power from roof panels if the roof units aren’t enough to meet your needs. Another upside to yard panels is that you can get units that track and move with the sun, which are far more effective at power generation than roof panels stuck in place.

As you can see, there are a variety of solar panel systems you can use to reduce your electric bill. Smaller options range from yard lamps to window units. Larger scale choices range from water heating systems to full roof replacements and even putting a array in your yard. For more information on residential solar energy, click here.

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