Pest Proofing Your Home: Cockroach Control Tips

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When it comes to home pest infestations, cockroaches are public enemy number one. These objectionable bugs are responsible for more exterminator cockroach at homecalls than all other insects combined. And there are many pest control companies to help eliminate this kind harmful insect. Cockroach Control Brisbane is just one of those many that ensure the removal of such infestation while making sure you and your family are safe from the pesticides and procedures being used.

Cockroaches are much more than just a simple annoyance. Along with being disgusting to look at, they are known to transmit organisms that cause food poisoning and are the second biggest cause of allergy, behind house dust. Additionally, cockroaches can trigger asthma attacks.

Cockroaches are commonly introduced to homes through groceries or laundry and may also enter a home from the outside through open windows or doors or cracks or crevices in walls. Upon establishing a presence in a home, cockroaches breed prolifically and possess the ability of producing many thousands of offspring throughout the course of the year. To keep your home free of cockroaches, follow the cockroach control tips outlined in this article, or you may seek the help of professionals such as Pest Control Sydney.

Proper sanitation is key to keeping roaches out of your home. Cockroaches are strongly attracted to food, moisture and warmth. Make an extra effort to keep your kitchen spic and span. Never leave out food or food debris, and keep all garbage containers closed. Clean up any spilled food immediately. Do not allow newspapers, paper bags, or cardboard boxes to accumulate. Don’t leave out any sitting water.

To take care of the roach infestation yourself without calling a professional exterminator, consider using roach baits. They contain an insecticide that is mixed with a food that attracts the roaches. The cockroaches consume the insecticide in the bait trays and then leave to die. When poisoned roaches return to nesting areas, the bait they carry back with them kills additional roaches when it is expelled in their feces.

The cockroach baits are placed in areas where roaches are seen, with ideal locations typically bing under refrigerators, under sinks, behind toilets, next to garbage containers, and in cabinets. Roaches commonly travel against edges and corners, such as where walls meet ceilings and floors, so this is typically where the baits should be placed.

A benefit of using plastic roach baits is that you do not have to come directly into contact with any insecticide. The insecticide in the bait comes pre-mixed, and the baits are usually designed in such a way that the toxic insecticide in a child-resistant container, so kids and pets are protected.

At least 12 baits should be placed, with a majority in the kitchen and bathroom. Never spray insecticides around areas where you place the bait because this might cause the roaches to avoid the area altogether.

Boric acid powder, a white powder formed from water and boron can also be used to kill roaches. To successfully utilize boric acid to rid your home of roaches, proper application is mandatory. Apply only a very thin, fine layer of the powder that is nearly invisible. Huge applications of boric powder are likely to be avoided by roaches. Be sure to never apply boric powder to areas where you store or prepare food and clean off any powder that you come in contact with immediately.

Roaches are disgusting, dirty creatures. Fortunately, by following the cockroach control information discussed in this article you can keep your home free of this pests. Click here to know why we fear cockroaches.

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