Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring cleaning is the practice of cleaning the house thoroughly during spring time. Below are some tips you can use for spring cleaning as suggested by the experts at House Cleaning Melbourne:

1. Formulate a cleaning plan set your objectives.

Put down the parts of you home you want to clean and then come up with a proper plan. While making the schedule, add some for distraction so that as you are doing it, you won’t be discouraged in the first cleaning hour. In short, make a plan that is practical.

cleaning materials2. Check for cleaning supplies.

You would not like to start cleaning only to realize that you run out of supplies. Before thinking of cleaning, buy all the required supplies to avoid frustration.

3. If your children are around, involve them.

Children love to do tasks at home. Some duties can be delegated to them. This will not only make your work easier, it will also bond your family and train them for future responsibilities.

4. Tackle an area at a time.

Have a schedule of the places to address. If you begin addressing several areas at a time, you will get tired and may end up doing sub-standard cleaning.

5. Declutter before cleaning.

It can be frustrating to get ready for cleaning and then realize that you have to move boxes full of junk mail, broken crayons, wadded up Kleenexes among others. Save yourself the annoyance of garbage and trash by decluttering before cleaning

6. Open windows for fresh air.

Have all windows opened to allow free circulation of air, this allows for dust and other small particles to clear the house. After having your house totally clean, do not close the windows until everything is dry.

7. Clean each room from top to bottom.

Start with the top part of the wall going downwards and finally to the floor. With this, gravity will assist you to drain water. While cleaning, take care of electrical wires on the wall of your house.

8. Change Accessories for a fresh look.

After cleaning, do some changes in accessories to freshen things up. Considering that it is spring, you should brighten things up by using brighter colors where dull colors existed.

9. Make a cleaning schedule for each day.

After you have your house very clean and admirable, set a cleaning schedule to assist you maintain your home. If you had an old schedule plan that was abandoned, set up a new one for a change.

Spring cleaning is a practice you should at least do once per year. If done well, it brings back life to your home.

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